Alabama Clean Water Partnership

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The Alabama Clean Water Partnership, a statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a diverse and inclusive coalition of public-private interest groups and individuals working together to improve, protect and preserve water resources and aquatic ecosystems in Alabama.

What We Do

The Alabama Clean Water Partnership (ACWP) is all about "making connections" ~ linking individuals, companies, organizations and governing bodies in order to educate the public and put projects on the ground to protect and preserve Alabama's incredible water resources and aquatic ecosystems.

What We Don't Do

The ACWP is a "neutral" entity, so we don't fight permits, file lawsuits, get involved in regulatory issues, or promote issues that might alienate any one stakeholder group. The ACWP is all about stakeholders MAKING CONNECTIONS, identifying "common ground" and WORKING TOGETHER!

Basin Faciliator
Alabama River BasinAshley Henderson
Black Warrior River Basin
Cahaba River Basin
Chattahoochee & Chipola Rivers Basin
Choctawhatchee, PEA, & Yellow Rivers Basin
Coastal Alabama River Basin
Conecuh-Speulga River Basin
Coosa River Basin
Tallapoosa River BasinSabrina Wood
Tennessee River Basin
Tombigbee River Basin