Black Warrior River Basin

Map provided by: Donn Rodekohr, Auburn University, Department of Agronomy and Soils
Mission Statement:  To enhance, restore and protect water resources and the aquatic ecosystem of the Black Warrior River Basin through a basin-wide public/private partnership.



  River Basin At a Glance
  • Drains 6,392 square miles or 4,090,880 acres
  • Main stem and tributaries flow through 15 counties
  • The Black Warrior Watershed and Cahaba Watersheds are the only drainages contained completely within the State of Alabama.
  • Contains the second and third longest free-flowing rivers (Locust Fork and Mulberry Fork Rivers) in Alabama
  • Flows southward through Alabama from the confluence of the Locust, Mulberry and Sipsey Forks in North Alabama, through Tuscaloosa joining the Tombigbee River at Demopolis and flowing on through Mobile Bay to the Gulf of Mexico
  • Major Land Uses: forestry, agriculture/pasture, urban, mining (coal)
  • Contains extensive coal deposits
  • Major Impoundments:  Mainstem – Bankhead Lake, Holt Lake, Oliver Lake, Warrior Lake, Demopolis Lake; Locust Fork – Bayview Lake, Inland Lake; Sipsey Fork – Lewis Smith Lake; North River – Lake Tuscaloosa

    Source: Black Warrior River Basin Management Plan, Cawaco RC&D,
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