Shades Creek Stream Restoration Project

(ABOVE) At right, Dr. Greg Jennings, North Carolina State University, along with Eve Brantley, Auburn University, and Darrell Westmoreland , North State Environmental at a workshop held along the restored banks of Shades Creek in Homewood, Alabama.

(ABOVE) The outdoor workshop was held at the conclusion of the stream restoration project sponsored by Samford University. The channel design work was done by Dr. Jennings with the installation of the in-stream structures performed by North State Environmental. The project was performed initially as a bank stabilization method but evolved into environmental and habitat reconstruction in this critical watershed. 

(ABOVE) The workshop was held in January 2011 at the completion of the month long project. This photograph was taken April 5, 2011, with much of the installed native vegetation growing in. Prior to the restoration work, erosion had begun to cut away at the sports complex adjacent to Shades Creek. Matting was laid along the stream bank to provide protection for the new plants taking root.
(ABOVE) The v-shaped stone structure, or vane, shown in stream in this photo is used to bring the flow to near center channel to lessen the chance of bank erosion. Besides vanes, there are other design structures [i.e. root wads, j-hooks, weirs, cross-vanes. etc.] used to control and direct flow away from erodible banks. In areas where flow and erosion potential remain great, brush mats are anchored along the steeper sections of the streambank.
Photography Credit Website Design Company | WideNet