Blue Planet Defenders


The Blue Planet Defenders Environmental Club includes a 6-month curriculum teaching Fifth Graders about the water cycle, watersheds, pollution prevention and wetlands.


Each month the fifth graders meet as part of an environmental club and participate in a hands-on activity. In the first month, the students learn about the water cycle by making a bracelet that indicates the different parts of the rain cycle. The second month’s activity includes learning about and building a watershed in an aluminum pan. In the third month, students learn about pollution and how they can help prevent it. Potential pollutants that are discussed include sediment, organic materials, litter, pesticides, fertilizers, motor oil and household chemicals. In the fourth month, students learn that wetlands act like a filter, a sponge and a neighborhood. Wetlands both capture water like a sponge and filter the water as it seeps through to ground water. Finally, wetlands are the best neighborhoods for a variety of diverse plants and animals providing habitat and food for many different types of animals. For the fifth month, students create a poster detailing a wetland. Finally, students participate in a field trip for the sixth month’s activity.


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