Living Streams


Through a partnership with Alabama Water Watch, the ACWP invites 6th graders to visit creeks and streams near their schools to “look for critters” and learn how to evaluate the health of the stream. 



The program helps students learn about the uniqueness of Alabama’s waters, pollution threats to our waters, and how to be a watershed steward.  It provides an introduction to the aquatic insects of Alabama, and the story they tell about our streams and rivers.  It gives students “hands-on” experience conducting stream bioassessment and water chemistry monitoring to determine the quality of water in their local stream or body of water.  Students are allowed to see how everyday decisions, good and bad, can significantly impact our water and the macroinvertebrates that live in it.  Volunteers complete AWW’s training course to help insure that all children are given the opportunity to learn about Alabama’s Living Streams.



This project in pictures